Cloud service for automation control, sales and warehouse accounting

Increase income by 2 times
by systematizing business processes
✔ 100% control over the company's processes,
indicators which can be measured and improved
✔ Increase the speed of service by 3 times,
automating routine processes and minimizing the human factor
  • Everything is taken into account to the penny
    • All sales are recorded in the system
    • Calculation of the amount of goods and delivery to the client is automatically calculated
    • Cashier shifts and add-on rights for employees will help to control cashbox
  • Service accelerated
    • Take orders and serve customers without leaving the workplace
    • Work of all departments in automatic mode
    • Receive data on warehouses and departments in real time
  • All goods and products are on the account
    • Actual leftovers in real time
    • Control of illiquid goods
    • Accounting for products when cutting, packaging, cooking
    • Controlling the cost of purchases
    • Fast inventory
  • Control your business right from your phone
    • Actual data on sales and leftovers
    • Reports by time, days, employees

Using different automation system?

Here you will find:
A functional automation system for the full-fledged work of a business
Since, we created from the needs of a real business and are improving our product without interruption. We collect the wishes of our clients and form a rating according to which we implement these opportunities
Get started without start-up costs.
The Paloma365 system runs on Windows and Android platforms, so it can be installed both on regular tablets and laptops, as well as on specialized POS systems. In addition, you will receive 15 days of use as a gift.
Our solution is affordable for any business.
From $15 per month
We provide Free technical support in chats and by phone at any stage of the client's work.
When switching from another system, our specialists will help you transfer all data without loss and conduct free training for you.

With Paloma365 you get a solution and opportunity for everyone:

- All business in real time in your smartphone
Online access to detailed analytics
  • Control of income and expenses
  • Staff efficiency
  • Cost of goods / dishes
  • Control of residues and illiquid assets
  • Detection of theft among staff
  • Control over the network of departments
  • Savings when hiring a "remote accountant“
  • Accelerated service
  • Customer reporting
- Easy control over all business processes
Administrative issues:
  • Identify an illiquid product / dish
  • Which employee sells more
  • Reducing customer service time
  • Remote network management from multiple locations
  • Time tracking
  • Employee reports
  • Automatic calculation of % to personnel
  • Setting up access rights for Staff
- Remote maintenance and data receiving in real time
  • Cashier shifts
  • Costs
  • Balance
  • Cash receipts
  • Cash expenses
Inventory control:
  • Deliveries
  • Stock leftovers
  • Write-offs, transfers
  • Inventory
  • Movement report
  • Document Templates
Integration with 1C
- We accelerate service by automating the counting and customer service processes
  • Online checkout
  • Printing receipts with and without a fiscal tag
  • Simple interface
  • Automatic calculation of the amount of invoice and change
  • Acceptance of payment in cash, card, mixed payments, including promotions
  • Selling goods using a barcode scanner
  • Print summary report automatically when closing a shift
- Reduced time and effort for customer service
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Acceptance of orders and dispatch to workshops without leaving the client
  • Formation of orders for delivery remotely
  • Automatic calculation of% for service / services, taking into account consumables
- Flexible customer loyalty system. Tracking the effectiveness of attraction channels, including WOM - marketing
  • Printing branded receipts
  • Customer base
  • Discounts
  • Deposits (Cashback)
  • Gifts
  • Certificates
  • Mobile loyalty system application TuviS
  • Push notifications
  • SMS

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